Fantastic Finds At Self Storage Auctions

There will be moments of joy, like a child opening a favorite toy on Christmas morning, when unexpected discoveries are made sorting through items bought at storage auction. Not every day, and not every time you buy, will the excitement reach levels of euphoria, but there will be those times. Storage auction buyers have shared with Storage Treasures some of the incredible items they have discovered. Read on, the next time it might be your story reported to this website to share with others.

A storage unit auction buyer was a winning bidder at an auction revealing a unit filled with boxes. The bidder paid $125 to win the auction. Under all the boxes they found a Harley Davidson motorcycle valued at considerably more than $20,000. Another storage auction buyer won a bid for a unit costing just $20. That's right; $20 is all it went for. There were 100 items in the unit. The buyer took a picture of each item, added a brief description and put them all online setting a low bid of 99 cents per item hoping to make $100 on the lot. Every item sold, and the seller did not make $100, they made $765 on a $20 storage auction buy.

Here's a story about a unit that sold for $200. The unit contained 400 items. A similar scenario took place where the seller took pictures and listed all the items online with starting bids of just 99 cents. The result was that they turned their $200 investment into a $1,600 total sale.

These sorts of stories are endless. On the small scale a storage auction bidder won a unit paying $30 and discovered boxes filled with DVDs and CDs. After sorting through the merchandise there were 80 DVDs and 30 CDs and they sold them all making a $200 profit on a $30 investment. On the opposite end of the spectrum, there are the "once in a lifetime" finds. One successful bidder reported to Storage Treasures that they paid $120 for a 5 x 10 storage unit that contained all sorts of household merchandise. Among the items was a bike which they sold for $200 and wrapped up in a handkerchief in a box were ten bars of pure gold, each weighing just an ounce. The buyer sold six of the gold bars for $6,500. In another "once in a lifetime" story a storage auction buyer sorting through a box found a stamp. It turned out to be a 1851 Canadian 12 pence stamp which was sold for $34,000. Would you believe that a pair of vintage 501 Levi jeans brought another storage auction buyer $2,500? And here is a real kicker. A storage auction buyer paid $2,700 for a large unit filled to the rafters with boxes of clothing. The clothing turned out to be from high-end designers that were stored by a garment distributor including merchandise from such labels as Chanel. The buyer resold the merchandise for over $200,000. In another incident, a storage renter had passed away and his heirs did not pay enough attention to the potential contents of his storage unit, letting it go to auction. In addition to household items and other personal things, the former owner had been a jewelry store owner and the winning bidder discovered a box that contained 24 Rolex watches and an assortment of other jewelry.

You may ask yourself how can these things happen? And the answer is frankly that they just do. Storage Treasures aims to help you discover the next trove of treasure hidden away in some forgotten unit.