Real Life Storage Auction Examples

Check out these two real life examples of people who lost their storage to auction.

A Collector In Crisis

This storage unit tenant collected guitars. Lots of them. All kinds of them. Old and new, electric and acoustic. They were carefully wrapped and packed in boxes, non visible to the eye upon opening the steel door to the unit. Just lots of boxes.

By law, the auctioneer is permitted to open a box and reveal contents. This particular box held equipment relating to electric guitars. The auctioneer displayed the item to the potential bidders. One of them recognized that it was a part of a musical instrument. He bid on the lot, ultimately buying the contents of the unit.

Discovering that the boxes were filled with guitars, the high bidder realized the success of his auction bid. This was indeed a storage treasure hold. He ultimately sold the contents for a major profit.

What happened to the original owner?

This is the sad story of a man who left the country on an extended stay and his credit card did not accept payment. The notices from his facility did not reach him, and his property was ultimately sold.

We'll Never Forget Paris

This storage treasure auction made international headlines. Celebutante Paris Hilton filled a storage unit with clothing, accessories and all sorts of her personal property. Someone in her entourage did not pay the storage bill. An oversight perhaps, yet the contents went to auction.

Purchased by a high bidder the Hilton collection eventually sold for huge money to fans around the world. Obviously Ms. Hilton did not want her belongings sold at auction. Her loss was a major gain to the storage auction bidder.