Welcome To Storage Treasures

McDonald's is an iconic American business. In the United States alone, McDonald's operates more than 13,000 locations. Would you be surprised to learn that the self storage industry operates four times as many locations, with 50,000 facilities nationwide?

Across the nation there are 9,000 self storage companies managing those 50,000 locations in what is a more than $6 billion per year industry. In any given city or town, facilities rent storage units ranging in size from 2 x 4's to two car garages. In addition to all sorts of household goods, tenants store automobiles, recreational vehicles, boats, trucks, and heavy equipment and machinery of all variety. Over the last thirty years, the storage industry has grown in accordance with the needs of the population and the ever expanding buying power of the American citizen.

Storage Treasures aims to standardize and improve the auction aspect of this enormous industry. While reputable storage facilities endeavor to follow self storage auction laws, procedures can be improved to better effectuate the intent of such laws - to protect tenants and buyers. To help achieve this goal, Storage Treasures provides both self storage tenants and self storage auction buyers with information on how, when, why and where self storage auctions take place.

The storage industry has previously lacked a truly public forum to advertise their auctions. In fact, storage auctions were usually only listed in obscure local papers. By providing the continent's most comprehensive self storage directory, Storage Treasures restores the elusive storage auction to its intended nature - a public auction. With a more informed public, fewer units will go to auction and tenants will more likely be compensated for their unit, in the event it does go to auction.