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Live Storage Auctions (i.e. On-Site Storage Auctions)

Got questions? Good thing we've got answers. Whether you're a storage auction hunter or picker, a storage co, or an auctioneer, we've got blog posts to cover everything you need to know about using StorageTreasures.com And if we don't answer your question, just leave us a facebook comment on the blog page. Your live & online storage auction team is here to help!


The HOO (Head of Organization) at StorageTreasures. Leslie is responsible for keeping the entire cast organized to provide the best service possible.

The Down & Dirty on Sewing Machines

Want to know what storage auctions are like in Wisconsin? Curt gives you the straight scoop and shares all of his insider secrets. These storage auction tips will save you money and make you money.

Dealing in Wheels

We finally have an online storage auction specialist! Heather dishes out tips and gives you the pros and cons of buying storage units online.

Scratch-Off Units

Want to know about bidding online? About government auctions? Bidding on large or expensive jewelry lots? Oh, and you want it to be witty & cleverly written. Tony's your guy!

Can I Get a Little Respect Here?

Now here's a character. He started buying units with $100 and has never put another dollar into it. So you know you can trust his advice. But the best thing about Ima's advice is that he just has a way of stating things so that the bell in your head goes off.

On Negotiation - The Flinch and BATNA

Glenn is a self-proclaimed garage sale addict. But when the weather leaves the driveways vacant, he hits the storage auctions. With an MBA and a masters in project management you can expect some high-brow advice from this Picker.

No Friends At An Auction?

Want a "no BS" approach to picking & estate sales from a man with 30+ years experience? Look no further!

Garbage Bag Units

Tommy has been a Picker for a long time...He's no stranger to storage auctions and uses many avenues to sell his storage unit treasures. And he's sharing his secrets!

Live video chat -- talking auction hunting and more

After leaving Corporate America, Lisa was faced with the harsh reality of an impending rent due date as a newly struggling author. Thus was born the idea to make rent money buying storage units. What was found in one of these units inspired Lisa's most successful series, which will soon be on TV. And now she's writing a blog just for you. Enjoy. Oh...and reader discretion is advised. This is juicy stuff.

A Diamond In The Rough

Cindy is a no nonsense storage auction buyer from Toronto Canada. She owns and operates a retail store and has plenty of advice to share. Her only concern? That y'all might be jealous of her locker finds...like a diamond over 3 carats!

How To Have the Best Yard Sale Ever - The Book is OUT!

Rebecca, and her partner in crime Brian, are the Storage Heroes. After watching Storage Wars these two decided to join forces and try their hand with reselling. Turns out Rebecca has a knack for sniffing out gold & New Orleans has some great units!

February Rose Bowl Flea Market

Steve Cox is joined by Richard & his son Preston to form The Suburban Pickers. You've seen Steve on Storage Wars as Dave Hester's business partner & expert appraiser. Wealth of information doesn't begin to describe it...and you've never met a nicer group of guys.

An Ethical Auctioneer?

Rich is a storage auctioneer that's sharing storage locker advice from the auctioneer's perspective. His honest & professional advice will help you at your next storage auction.

Tenant Research Part II

Dave is a real deal bounty hunters and now a storage unit junkie. He's sharing tips on how to research tenants bounty hunter style...and in the most colorful fashion!

Consignments Part 3: Time Frame to Sell an Item

Everyone needs a technology whiz and Drenton is ours! He's sold on eBay, craigslist, amazon and a host of other sites since they first began. Thankfully he's sharing his secrets for making more money with improved listings, photos, descriptions and even inventory software.

Attention Storage Wars fans

You've seen him on Storage Wars & now Phill is sharing his reselling secrets with you. Phill has been buying at all types of auctions for over 25 years...storage, government, police & online auctions. He also operates his own online auctions and is an eBay Trading Assistant & Power Seller. Hard to find more reselling knowledge in 1 individual!

New site?? Craigslist clone

Richard was a regular reader of our weekly tips & now he's sharing his own...like how to find unbelievable buys on eBay!

Thank ~ you~ All!!!

Mike & Linda joined the first round of our Pro Training, which enabled them to getting into reselling. They're preparing to transition into full time picking and they're sharing their journey with you.

How To Identify Red Wing Stoneware

WorthPoint provides StorageTreasure members with a weekly education blog and special offers to help value the treasures you find. Discover Your Hidden Wealth!

Learning Curve.

We have launched the contributor system. if you want to apply, goto your profile and click the link. Welcome to a growing community of people helping people navigate the buying and selling world.

Storage Auction Pen Pals

I’m Quart and I’m a doodle. Daddy says my name is Quart since I’m a “quarter real dog.” Mommy says that’s derogatory, but I don’t know what that means. I will occasionally share secrets I hear around the office to Hunt Buy Sell Profit.

Out of my comfort zone and into the bat dookie

Beginner twin brothers share their auction experiences "Living the Cartoon" lifestyle up in the Great White North!

Estate Sale Cleanouts

This Box Flipper is a professor and a Pro Trainee that seems to get awful "lucky" with his buys. Learn his tips so you can get "lucky" reselling too.

Watch the Progress of the "Old Barn"

Tony quickly became a fan favorite when he wrote about owning a resale shop. So with a little peer pressure now he's chronically his journey as he opens a new venue - "The Old Barn"
Contributor Fran Laporga-Ching

Selling My Comics Online

Tio recently joined the Storage Treasures Family to find more auction dates for y'all. We don't want anyone to have to pay for storage auction information! Tio also works in a comic book store & is an artist!

Never Delay A Treasure Hunt

Another Pro Trainee entering the world of reselling! See what it would be like if you started reselling as a hobby or a way to create another income stream.

Garage Sale Hopping

Mike is also in the business of helping resellers and he's sharing tips for garage sales!

Bidding On Storage Auctions Over the Internet

If you watch Storage Wars New York you might be interested in Marcus' take on storage auctions in the Big Apple.