What Will YOU Find?

The thrill of storage auctions is that you just never know what you're gonna find. And if you think reality shows over dramatize what really happens, then Cindy & Phillip might just have to disagree with you... 

In December Cindy picked up a unit in Canada, looking for merchandise for her vintage store. It was a great unit, but Cindy had no idea how great. Amongst the china and designer purses they found boxes of rings, bracelets, necklaces...and one HUGE diamond ring. Who puts a 3+ carat diamond in a storage locker? Has got to be fake right? Think again.

Cindy's Ring

Hear the rest of Cindy's story, in her own words...

On the complete opposite end of the spectrum, here's what you don't want to find! Poor Phillip was actually at his first storage auction when he picked up a locker for $900, only to find boxes upon boxes of human organs. Get the whole story, including a twice delicensed medical examiner, straight from your fellow Storage Treasures member. And you'll be glad to know that since this first nightmarish unit, Phillip has found gold, silver, antiques, sports cards and much more....most importantly, no more body parts!

Medical Examiner
The truth is that these are 2 crazy ass units & your first storage locker is bound to be more tame. But equally as true, is the fact that you can find just about anything in a storage unit....it's truly a modern day treasure hunt :)