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If you've been reading our weekly emails you know we're confident you can make money in this business if you do your homework before you bid. There's no shortage of success stories...everything from turning a quick $100 profit on a $5 unit to finding a 3 carat diamond. But at the end of the day you want to know how you're going to fare overall

So I thought you might want to hear from a fellow bidder with 4 units under his belt. The first unit was profitable but no wow factor. Second unit was a "learning experience," third unit he broke even, and the 4th unit netted $7,800. Get the details & find out what this bidder has learned.

$7,800 Unit
After you hear about Robert's units come back for more from the Pros!

 Auctioneer Rich Storage Auction Kings ~ This auctioneer shares his top tips for sniffing out the right units to bid on. No one wants you to Lose Your Shirt when bidding at storage learn how to do it right.
Rebecca Fox
Storage Hero Rebecca Fox ~ Rebecca's been reselling lockers for a few years now & lets just say she's had some "interesting" experiences. Learn the Storage Wars Etiquette to stay on good terms with your network! 
 Phill Backstrom Phill Backstrom ~ You've seen him on Storage Wars, so who better to tell you how the show compares to your typical storage auction. Get the straight scoop from someone who has never lost on a unit.
 Curt Strutz Curt Strutz ~ Most storage lockers have electronics....and they tend to pile up in your garage. Curt shares tips for moving and making money with these leftover. Conquer your fear of electronics

Now it's time to go find some auctions!