Proof You Can Make Money

Disheartened by the crowds at storage auctions or the prices units are selling for? Do not despair....there is money to be made at storage auctions and here's your proof.

What would run through your mind if you saw this unit at a storage auction?

swamp cooler unit

Randy Chandler, who is new to the storage auction business, knew he was all in when he saw this strange metal box in a unit being auctioned. Randy had seen one before in an auto repair store and knew it was a portable swamp cooler worth over $3,000 new. Luckily, out of a crowd of 60, only two others bid on the unit and Randy won the locker for $1,400.

The rest of the unit contained gymnastic mats, heavy duty springs for gymnastic floors, space heaters, lockers, and a commercial pedestal fan. Randy located a gymnastic facility and sold the mats and springs for a quick $1,100. He's cleaned up the swamp cooler and even ordered new stickers from the manufacturer to improve the cooler's look. Randy will almost triple his $1,400 investment.

Randy's advice?

#1 Know what you're bidding on and how much it's worth.

#2 Start slow and cautious and do your homework....knowledge is key! 

Wishing You a Successful Auction Day,
Your Storage Treasures Crew