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Who doesn't love a deal or getting the inside track?
That's why we give you expert advice straight from the pros....gratis (on the house). Every week our pros deliver information they know will help you make money buying & reselling. How do they know this? Because they've been there & done that.

This week we've got some golden nuggets Rebecca Fox shared about garage sales. Good old fashion yardsales can be a great way to make money on the last storage unit you bought.

#1 Plan around the weather. Not too hot. Not too cold. Rain is bad for biz.

#2 Advertise
on craigslist & in the newspaper about 5 days ahead of the sale.

#3 Borrow a friend's driveway in a high traffic neighborhood. Location, location, location.

Use Chalk To Label Sections
#4 Use chalk to direct your shoppers or draw a route so they see everything. 

#5 Promote your sale with colorful balloons & pretty signs.

#6 Sell items you would have thrown away.
A buck here & a buck there add up!

Garage Sales Are Fun
#7 Have fun. Your customers will too...which means more money for you!

Want to read the rest of Rebecca's article? Click hereAs you can tell from the wedding dress, Rebecca is a character. We warned you we're a wacky treasure hunting family!

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Crazy what happens when we turn you guys loose with a keyboard....let us know if you've got what it takes to be one of our next Auction Pros!