At Storage Treasures we live and breathe storage auctions. But there is always something to learn, whether you're new to the scene or were bidding on units before they came into vogue. So today we'll start tackling some of the most common questions.

Q:  Is it easy to make money with storage auctions?

A:  People do make money with storage auctions & you can too. How easy it is to make money depends in part on how much units are selling for in your area. But doing the leg work is even more important than the going rate on units. Learn how to spot the good units. Get a feel for what amount to bid to. Research the items you find in the unit so you can sell them for top dollar. And learn the best outlets to sell through.

Lucky for you, as members of the Storage Treasures Family you get the inside scoop from the don't take our word for it, listen to what they have to say:

Rebecca Drenton Redneck

Q:  What should I do before the auction? 

A:  Call to confirm the auction hasn't been canceled! Tenants can pay their delinquent rent up until the time the auction starts, so also ask how many units are still going to auction to help you determine whether the auction may get canceled at the last minute.

Q:  What do I bring on auction day?

A:  What you NEED to bring is identification and money because most facilities don't accept check or credit card. What you SHOULD bring is a whole different ball of wax. Check out what your peers bring, but figure out what works for you. What the minimalist bidder and the type-A bidder bring on auction day looks very different.

Q:  Do I need a resale license to attend or bid at an auction? 

A:  No! A resale license enables you to win a unit without paying sales tax on auction day but it is not required to participate at storage auctions.

Q:  Will Dave Hester be at the auction?

A:  The Storage Wars buyers are real buyers that were buying before the show began. You CAN make a living buying storage units! We hope you don't have to bid against Dave (and your pocketbook agrees), but every storage auction circle has their Dave and their Darrell. It's almost as good as watching the show.