Auction Hunting Success Story!

You’ve asked us for auction hunting success stories and we’ve got a big one for you from Southern California. This unit, purchased for just a few thousand bucks, was filled with an incomparable trove of Hollywood costumes, animation, scripts, posters, unreleased original artwork, publicity still photos and other unique Hollywood treasures from as far back as the Silent Era. The owner of this treasure has decided to take this one in a million find to SoCal’s premiere auction trio, American Auctioneers, Dave Hester Auctions & Don Presley Auction.aasmallgray.jpg

The owner of the collection has been in the auction hunting business for many years and now is reaping the rewards from that hard work and persistence! The items are being auctioned this Saturday by Dan and Laura Dotson, stars of A&E's StorageWars. You can check out a ton of the items in this video Dan put together for the event, which is sponsored by Dave Hester Auctions: SEE VIDEO OF THE UPCOMING AUCTION
With a little work and help from, this person could have been you. So stay at it! Keep learning (you can start by checking out our Auction Bidders section here), keep bidding and keep working hard to make it in the auction world. The unit of your career is out there waiting for you!  What’s your biggest auction find? Want to see what other auction hunters have found? Share your find or learn about others on our forum.
Now, back to the auction of the year:
Taken together, the items are valued in the $100,000’s and are being auctioned at Don Presley Auction in Orange, California. The auction will take place this Saturday at 10AM. For more info visit:

Bid in person or online:
You can participate in the auction event of the year in person or by bidding online! To bid online check out the ProxiBid catalog, register to bid, then come back and let us know what you picked up at the auction!
See you on Saturday!
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