Too Good To Be True?

A couple weeks ago we learned that you can't judge a book by it's cover. Tom, a Storage Treasures member from Minnesota, bid $5 on what looked like a hoarder's unit full of old newspapers. But what Tom unearthed was boxes upon boxes of vintage comic books. Tom's unit taught us that looks can be deceiving. But this cuts both ways. This week we'll teach you how to avoid scams. Sometimes a unit looks really good, but it might just be too good to be true. 

Here's some tips to help you spot units that are too good to be true:

#1 Lock Cut Procedures ~ Most facilities cut the locks weeks prior to the actual auction. This allows for a legal notice that describes the contents, but it also creates the possibility for an unethical employee to leaf through a unit and take items.

Inventory Video
So ask the storage facility about their inventory procedures. Are they conducted by a professional auction company? Is a manager present as a witness? Is the process videotaped? Is the video posted online? Find facilities you trust...or if you just can't get over your paranoia then attend auctions at facilities that don't cut locks until auction day. 

#2 Brand Name Boxes ~ We all get excited when we see a box with a brand name. Especially if it's a high-end brand because that might indicate a wealthy tenant. But make sure it passes the smell test before you get all hot & bothered. Are there too many brand name boxes? Are they all conveniently facing you so you can read them? Do they look strategically placed toward the front or the top of the unit so you notice them? Are there other indicators of value in the unit or were they placed there...

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You're gaining knowledge that unlocks profits. Find an auction today to see these tips in action!