Beginner's Luck?

Ever wonder what buying your first storage unit will be like? For Storage Treasures family member Lori LaRose from Alberta Canada, a good eye and a little bit of luck recently landed her a golden unit...literally. Let me explain.

Lori and her "old man" (as she lovingly refers to him) headed for their first auction with a $400 budget. She envisioned buying an inexpensive unit she could "play with." By the end of the auction only a handful of hard-core bidders remained, but Lori was still unit-less. And the "last locker was some piece...when the doors opened a bucket of cigarettes fell to the floor." But that was just the kind of first-timer unit Lori was looking for. And she got it for just $40.

Lori made a smart bid. From the door they had already sized up the unit and knew they could at least double their money on some tools. Little did she know she would end up with a profit of 100 times her initial investment. After the auction Lori took her time sorting through the unit. She emerged from her dig with a silver ring she could at least sell for scrap, a Tiffany & Co necklace, a WWII mail bag, a garbage can full of tools, and 25 garbage bags full of trash.

Thanksfully Lori didn't stop there. She continued her dig in the garbage can full of tools, despite the fact that she couldn't tell one tool from another. But the girl knows diamonds, so when she saw something round & shiny it caught her eye.

white gold ring
It turned out to be a ring encircled in no less than 123 diamonds. Lori hopped on her computer to research the mark and discovered it was 18K white gold from Hong Kong. An appraisal valued the ring at $3,500.

Now THAT's the kind of treasure we all dream of finding. Lori's advice?

"Look in everything. If we had just put that can in the basement or decided going through every piece was too time consuming and sold it, we would have missed out on this great find."

If you haven't been to an auction yet, let Lori's story be your roadmap of how to do it right. Set a budget, get a unit you know you can profit on, and sort through everything.

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