Tiresome Tenants

Picture this. Tina the Tenant's locker went up for auction, and you are the winning bidder. Tina calls you (she got your info from the office), and asks if you would mind returning some personal items. No problem, right? You both agree to meet up so she can pick up a few things. Tina gets her baby photos back, and you, my friend, rack up some serious karma points. But now, Tina is calling you several times a day because her class ring and furniture were in that locker, and vows not to stop until her items are returned. Now what?

Tenants can be complicated. You want to help, but you don't want to be taken advantage of. I mean, what are "personal items" anyway? 

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Find the balance between accommodating and unreasonable, and auction vets, leave a Facebook comment with your tenant experiences!