I know we're all addicted to the mystery of storage lockers, but if you're in this biz to make money then you'd be wise to branch out a bit. No need to pigeon hole ourselves, there are plenty of great places to get "merch" .... estate sales, auction houses, garage sales & even dumpster diving!

In case you need some persuading, I have a story to share from one of your fellow Storage Treasures members. Scott from Cali bought a painting for 20 cents and it's valued between $5,000 to $7,000. Find out how you might get so lucky.

Then come back for more from the Pros...Curt's preaching on one of my favorite tips...sometimes you're better off without the whole unit!

 Curt Strutz Curt Strutz ~ Sometimes there's a smarter approach than buying a whole storage locker. You'll see what I mean when you hear about Curt's storage auction experience. 
Rebecca Fox
Storage Hero Rebecca Fox ~ Rebecca's seen it all & has bought all kinds of units. Learn this Hero's Storage Wars Rules so you don't look like a newbie at your first auction! 
 The Storage Slayer The Storage Slayer ~ Reselling is all about problem solving. Luckily, there are very few problems that cannot be overcome. See how you can hit storage auctions up anywhere under any circumstances.
 Frugal Serendipity Frugal Serendipity ~ You've watched these two from their first buys...now you can see what they've been up to & what your future reselling business could look like....time to spring into action!

Now it's time to go find some auctions!