Outsmart the Other Bidders!

Last week we covered tenant research & the fact that you want to work smarter, not harder.

I wasn't surprised that the topic was popular....but I was surprised that two bounty hunters contacted me about it! Don't worry, I'm not on the lam. The only crime I'm guilty of is spoiling my labradoodle Quart. But these bounty hunters know a thing or two about digging up dirt on people & they're sharing their insight with you.

Bounty Hunter

Here's a quick story to wet your appetite....then we'll let these bounty hunters share their inside scoop. Here's what happened when an old friend contacted them to research a tenant, who ended up owning a high end shoe store that had just closed. I'm talking $425 a pop high end.

In the "Bounty Brothers" own words..

"Through court records we were able to learn that he had not paid his suppliers in almost nine months, was currently being sued, and that the process servers had not been able to find him. So what does this tell us? He moved and is laying low. And there are probably going to be some household items in the unit.

A phone call to his commercial landlord revealed that he had vacated the space with no notice, in the middle of the night. The landlord told us that the tenant had always had a full store, but had an affinity for casinos, which caused his business to fail. We asked for the date he vacated and then checked with the storage facility. He rented the storage unit the day before he emptied the store. Where do you think the inventory went to?

Snake Skin Shoes
On auction day, when they rolled the door on the unit, there were gross mattresses piled up in front and all our friend could see was household junk and trash. Half the crowd started walking away and he picked up the unit for $480. He never even locked the unit. As the crowd went on to the next unit, he tore into the locker like Barry Weiss on you know what. Three feet in, he hit the inventory."

Find out what the inventory sold for & how you can research like a bounty hunter.