How do they affect You?

Have you noticed that more & more storage auctions are collecting a buyer's premium? Wonder why or how that affects you? Then read on.

What is a buyer's premium? It's a fee charged in addition to what you bid on a unit. It's generally 5-10% of the winning bid amount. So, if you bid $100, you're actually paying $105 or $110 depending on the premium (also remember to calculate sales tax if the facility collects it & you do not have a resale license).

Crowded Storage Auction

How does a premium affect you? In theory it doesn't. If you want to double your money and think you can safely do so with a $100 bid, then adjust your bid down to $90 and you'll pay $99 after the premium. If everyone does this, then premiums may bring smaller crowds without raising unit prices. But if people do not adjust their bids to account for the premium, prices may increase. Then the question is whether prices are still lower because of the smaller crowd.

The bottom line: don't fear premiums. But pay attention to the numbers to determine whether they're actually reducing or increasing prices at the auctions you attend. And if you decide you don't like the premiums don't hesitate to give the facility & auctioneer your feedback. Storage auction procedures are not set in stone & facilities are realizing more and more how important bidders are to their bottom line. 

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