Life in a Storage Unit?

If you've been reading our weekly emails (and I hope you have!) then you're up to speed on why you might want a resale license, who can & cannot bid, and how to make money reselling. Now let's have some fun exploring the Dark Side of storage auctions: What happens when people move in! Click to watch this hilarious video.

Self Storage Trailer

Hope you had a good chuckle. Now just click the links below for advice straight from the Pros!

 Storage Hero Rebecca Fox Storage Hero Rebecca Fox ~ When that storage unit door rolls open you only have a minute to assess the situation. And your split second judgments determine whether you win or lose. So Rebecca tells you what to look for! 
 The Redneck Picker The Redneck Picker ~ This week Troy dives deep into the question that plagues newbies the most. Hear the answer and get some insight into climbing the Picker Ladder.
 Auctioneer Tom Litton Auctioneer Tom Litton ~ If you've ever been to an auction house you're familiar with buyer's premiums. Basically, the price is the price plus tax plus the premium. The question is, are buyer's premiums fair in storage auctions?
 Curt Strutz Curt Strutz ~ You know those idiots that bid on junky $5 units? Well Curt's one of them but after you hear his story you'll change your tune. He'll also share a principle that will make you money with any unit.
 Quart Paper Shredder Quart "Paper Shredder" ~ I know, we all want to pull up in one of Barry's cars but you have to pick your storage auction vehicle wisely. I'll give you the inside scoop & show you my sweet ride (yes, I learned this lesson the hard way).

Never stop learning...or laughing! Hope you enjoyed the video :)