Push Yourself

Hands down the best thing about my gig is getting to know many of you. Some of you quite well! And I love hearing your reselling victories. So this week I couldn't resist but share one straight out of the Lone Star State, where conquering a fear yielded $822 for a fellow treasure hunter.

Hear Shirley's tale...and frankly, she puts my writing to shame! 

eBay listing
Then come back for a word from our Pros... 

 Writer Lisa Renee Jones Lisa Renee Jones ~ You've got a treat this week...chapter 1 of Behind Closed Doors (don't let the kiddos read!). What could be better than that? How about a video Lisa & Diego made about the best storage unit they bought for 1 buck
Curt Strutz
Curt Strutz ~ In the storage locker business, vigilance pays off. Leave no stone unturned. Sort through every piece of paper & go through every drawer...cuz you never know what you'll find in a box full of junk!
 The Old Barn Tony & The Old Barn ~ Tony's been gettin' his barn ready for summer sales! Don't miss his thoughts on the pros & cons of Resale Stores. And follow his blog here....Tony'll love it if you leave him a comment or ask him a question!

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