Keep Your Head On A Swivel

If you actually want to make some buckaroos buying & reselling, champion The Redneck Picker's mantra. "Keep your head on a swivel!" Opportunity is everywhere. So look for it! Otherwise you won't find it! That simple.

True swiveling is a 24/7 mission. But today let's ponder whether you should swivel your head into estate sales

Estate Sale

Then come back for a word from our Pros...don't miss the article on storage auction ethics

 Writer Lisa Renee Jones Lisa Renee Jones ~ This storage unit buyer turned professional novelist is the gift that keeps on giving. You've got another steamy chapter compliments of Lisa. Not for the kiddos! 
Curt Strutz
Curt Strutz ~ If you're a new Picker, you might find yourself pickin items for a quick flip yet heading to the grocery store for toothpaste & toilet paper. Not for long my friend. Starting now, you don't pay retail for anything.
 Storage Auction Kings Storage Auction Kings ~ Rich is one of the nation's leading storage auctioneers. And for good reason. This week Rich unpacks the ethical issues storage auctioneers, facilities & bidders face. 

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