Always Check Everything!

What would run through your mind if you faced a unit filled with gold mining equipment on auction day? Well Bob from Alaska figured that if he couldn't sell it he would just get into the mining business. But Bob's not switching careers just yet...the equipment sold. And it's a good thing too, because when you hear the story behind this unit you'll agree with me that Bob has a knack for storage auctions.

Mining Equipment
This was Bob's first unit. And he forked out $1,100 for it. More than he wanted to spend but in his words he just "had to get one." I have heard that before, but usually the stories don't end as well as this one did. Bob hauled his loot home and had leads on selling the equipment before the day was over. But that's not even the best part. What happened when Bob was packing the equipment into his garage is what sets this unit apart. Click here to see what Bob found....

...then come back for a word from our Pros. 

 The Redneck Picker The Redneck Picker ~ As a Picker your time is valuable. So what do you do when you run across a woman that needs help running her garage sale? Here's what this Picker did. Just don't follow his example of driving up his own price!
Rebecca Fox
Storage Hero Rebecca Fox ~ I know you loved last week's article on dealing with former tenants. Good news...there is more! And if you're a bit uneasy about this topic then this is a must read. Rebecca tackles the tough issues.
 Mike & Linda Mike & Linda "Frugal Serendipity" ~ Are you dreaming of your life as a Picker as you read these emails each week? Well these two dream big then make their dreams reality. Here's their touching story as they start their journey.
 schur90.jpeg Rich "Storage Auction Kings" ~ Did you know that 48 states have laws regulating storage auctions? And that these laws may be reformed within the next few years? Here's changes that were made in one state.

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