The Cleanout Biz

Storage auctions are a great way to get a lot of inventory at a very low price. Many people pick up lockers every week (some every day) and support their families on storage units alone. Nothing wrong with that!

For others, storage auctions are one arrow in their quiver or a safe way to make some seed money to get started reselling.

Whatever boat you're in, we're glad you're here. And we'll continue to be your resource for all sorts of ways to make money reselling.

Estate Cleanout

We're all in this together...which is why I'm absolutely over the moon when anyone volunteers to share their tips. 

So this week Matthew & his wife Jeannie are sharing what they know about cleanouts. Whether you're ready to dive in now or just want info for the future, let's go learn about cleanouts...everything from hoarder homes to foreclosed houses

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