Want to Learn from the Pros? 

At Storage Treasures we strive to bring YOU everything you need to make storage auctions profitable. So today we're sharing one of our resources many pros utilize...our Community Forum.

Here's just a few examples of the Unexpected Treasures you'll unearth in our Forum.

#1 It's a place to ask your questions.  Have an item you're trying to value but don't know what it is? Post a pic. Want to know the best place to sell an unusual item? Just ask. 

Forum Post
Forum Reply
Trolley Ticket

#2 Dive into the joys & perils of dumpster diving (no seriously, click here to read more!).

#3 Pick up tips. 
 Even if you don't have a question in mind, you can peruse posts from peers & experts. You'll pick up tips even if you were born pickin'.

#4 Learn how to spot real gold
& determine whether to sell for scrap or as a piece. 

#5 Hear how to price items.

#6 Figure out where to sell old phones.

#7 Chat with others about other avenues to make money. 

#8 Pick up ideas about new tools
you can take to storage auctions.

Truck and Trailor
#9 Get schooled on metals and parts that can be sold for scrap.

#10 Real deal pros of all kinds are posting on the Storage Treasures forum: buyers, auctioneers, pickers, resellers, and storage facility managers & owners.

It's the place to be...check it out already!

P.S. Keep your eyes on your emails over the next few weeks... 
we're covering reselling tips & resale licenses!