Email Alerts ~ Logging In

Today we're covering the fundamentals! In order to get off the couch & actually make some money using our tips ... you've got to know where the auctions are ... and which auctions are the best ones to go to!

So let me tell you how to find MORE auctions. And the BEST auctions.

#1 You've got to login.

Don't wait for an email about upcoming auctions. Just login to your account (it doesn't cost anything) & throw your zip into the search bar.

Storage Auction

#2 Get as much information as possible.

You'll see the auction date & time, and sometimes the unit count in your search results. And if a facility's logo is next to their name, click on it cuz they may have unit photos, descriptions, tenant names, and even lock cut videos. You want to see this! 

#3 Learn how to use this intel to your advantage.

On auction day every little bit of information will give you a leg up. We'll show you how to skip the duds & focus on the money making units.

I'll even throw in tips on how to find more info beyond our site. We want you to have all the tools to succeed.

Click here if you want to ... Do Storage Auctions Right!

P.S. You can always email me with questions
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