Another Real Life Storage Unit

A couple weeks ago we shared the true story of a new storage auction buyer that tripled his money on a unit with a swamp cooler. Today you'll hear how a profitable unit caught a veteran treasure hunter's eye. 

Phill Backstrom's story once again illustrates that it pays to know what you're looking at. At a storage auction in Southern California, Phill noticed two large boxes in the back of a unit filled with household items. The boxes caught his eye because they had "Celestron" printed on them and his brother owned a retail telescope store that sold Celestron telescopes. Phill put $600 on the line with the hope there was actually a telescope inside and he wasn't just buying boxes filled with clothes or nick nacks.  

The bet paid off. When Phill checked out the unit after the auction, he discovered factory sealed boxes - one contained the telescope and the other its tripod and accessories.

After doing some homework Phill discovered the telescope retailed for $3,000. He listed it on eBay with a starting price of $1,995 and sold it for $2,025. The rest of the household items sold for $300. Phill's total profit was $1,725. If the telescope hadn't been in the boxes he would have suffered a net loss of $300. But it's amazing how often the pros get "lucky."  

Stay tuned ... next week's email covers something new you won't want to miss.

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