Let's Get Our Feet Wet Re-selling

It's time for spring cleaning!

Whether you're making space for new storage auction purchases or trying to de-clutter, we all inevitably move items from the house to the garage & from on top of a shelf to underneath a bed (okay, so maybe to the regift pile). Whatever your preferred method of shuffling around items you no longer need, we have a better idea....practice reselling!

Time for spring cleaning 
If you're saying to yourself, "but I haven't even bought a unit yet," let me stop you right there. Developing a knack for buying the right units at the right price is essential in the storage auction business...but reselling is equally important.

Imagine you just bought your first unit and unloaded your treasures into your garage. Is that the ideal time to get comfortable with eBay? Learn the pros' tips to reselling now! You'll turn a profit quicker when you do win a unit. Plus you'll learn a lot about resale values so you can pick the right unit for the right price on auction day. 

Now that I have you onboard, here's the next steps:

#1 Pick at least two items to sell (let go, you can do it!). 

#2 Since most of us are better at buying than selling, familiarize yourself with Craigslist and eBay by searching these sites for items you like...artwork, comic books or even a new computer. But don't pull out your wallet...the idea is to make money!

Get comfortable with the sites first

#3 Choose an item to sell on Craigslist. 
 This site is great for selling to buyers in your neck of the woods. Here's a few things you definitely want to know to successfully sell on Craigslist:

*Craigslist is ideal to avoid shipping costs & hassles
*Listing items for sale is easy & doesn't cost anything
*Always post as much information as possible...
*And don't even bother posting unless you're willing to get a picture up! 
*You can post anonymously so you don't have to give away your email address or tele 
*Arrange to meet a potential buyer at a neutral location like a local Starbucks or Burger King
*Insist on the green to ensure you get paid (beware of scammers)

Here's an example of a good item to sell on Craigslist:

Sell large items on craigslist
#4 You guessed it...choose an item to sell on eBay. 
If you've used eBay before you know that it's a lot different from Craisglist. Here's a few tips you might not know about eBay to help you sell faster and at a higher price:

*Since it's not just local, eBay has a lot more stuff
*Items often sell for a premium (but remember to factor in the eBay fees to list items)
*Prices range, so find the top, the bottom, and the happy medium...then strategize
*Price just under the happy medium to sell fast
*Price high if you have a unique item & don't mind waiting for the right buyer
*Also consider how many similar items are listed and how your item compares (and if you notice you always think your items are the best then we need to have a heart to heart)

Click below to see an eBay post that says all the right things:

Click to read the description

#5 Have fun...this is just for practice. But don't just think about it, do it. We're rooting for you! 

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Rebecca Redneck Picker

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