Make some Extra Dough

Interested in storage auctions but haven't bit the bullet yet? Well I'm going to nudge you in the right direction with some words of encouragement & stories of great units that sold for less than $100.

Storage Unit 1
#1 Units sell for less than you think.  Most units sell for a lot less than what you see on the tube. In 2012, at a handful of facilities in Southern California, 27 of 95 units sold for $100 or less. Some units went for as little as $5. At the very same facilities you see on Storage Wars.

Storage Unit 2
#2 There are ways to scrape together the dough for your first unit.  Try selling some stuff from under the bed, the back of your closet, or the rafters in the garage. You'll also get practice reselling & clear some space for storage unit goodies.

#3 Pocket start up funds.  We give out start up funds whenever we can (more on how to apply in a minute). And this week we're giving 3 of you $100 to get started. The first benjamin goes to Michael Scott, who's been selling extra items to scrape together his storage unit dough & practice reselling online. Hedi Rivers (a go-getter Pro Trainee) & Wendy DePury (mother to a very talented duct tape artisan) will also get a jump start for their storage locker buys.

#4 The proof's in the pudding.  Of course units like these are bought every day, but I imagine I can only hold your attention for so long! So here's just a few stories of storage units that sold for less than $100 and yielded solid returns.

Yep, I'm gonna make you click! Hear storage unit success stories.

P.S. We're offering the Pro Training again!