25 Tips From Seasoned Vets

Your success at storage auctions is important to us. That's why we work so hard to be the #1 resource for quality content that is real and honest.

So here's the straight scoop from your peers on Facebook....

#1 Be Prepared
#2 Only bid on what you see
#3 Never turn down a unit nobody wants, $1.00 units make great donations - tax deductions!
#4 Be very careful what size unit you bid on

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#6 Start out small and be sure you have somewhere to sell what you find
#7 Only bid what you can afford to lose!!
#8 Go to many auctions before bidding. Get a feel for what they are being sold for in your area.

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#10 Watch your bidding and trust your gut
#11 Know what ur looking for before u jump off the deep end
#12 Set a limit and stick to it on every unit!!!!
#13 Look to see whether the unit is packed nice or like it was all thrown in there
#14 Go

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