Make Some Dough From Scrap

So this week Curt's "scrappy" unit get's top billing. Click to see how Curt made a handsome profit by selling some stuff & scrapping the rest.

Curt's Scrap Unit 

And don't miss my stint with Nabila Haniss on E! The Soup Investigates & Lisa's new giveaway!

Leslie "Voice of Reason"
Leslie "Voice of Reason" ~ You know I live & breathe storage auctions, but I also don't take myself too seriously. So I hope you'll watch my debut on E! tonight...I want y'all laughing with me cuz I'll certainly be laughing at myself!
 Writer Lisa Renee Jones Lisa Renee Jones ~ Yep...another steamy chapter & a new giveaway of Lisa's signed books and the Elvis newspapers Dave Hester bid on in Storage Wars. Come see what everyone's talking about.

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