Improve your Online Listings

Before we dive in...make sure to read to the bottom so you can pocket a crisp Benjamin!

When selling online, the quality of your photos can mean the difference between a sale or no sale. Or between top dollar or a break even.

Lucky for you taking pics is one of my hobbies, so here's tips for better photos, whether you're a novice using an iphone or a wiz with a fancy camera. Or maybe you just want a nice family photo this Easter :)

#1 Use the macro setting for upclose photos.

Macro Setting
Ever wonder what the little flower icon is on your camera? That's the macro setting! Just press it & the flower icon will appear on your camera screen. Just remember to turn it off when you're done with closeups...or all the rest of your photos will be blurry!

Closeup shots are great for details. Good and bad. Highlight important features with closeups. It's also important to accurately show any defects, and sometimes macro is helpful for this...just be careful it doesn't make the defect seem worse (or bigger) than it is.

If your camera doesn't have a macro setting then check to see if your smartphone takes closeups. An iphone allows you to take closeup pics...just tap your screen where you want to focus & the box appears

iPhone closeup
And fyi, you can get a lot closer than this, Tag just wasn't being very cooperative!

Click here for 8 more tips & to see one of my favorite pics :)  

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