A $45,000 Storage Locker

It's auction day. You arrive 30 minutes early chat with the manager. As you bond over jelly filled donuts, she tells you that 2 large units belong to the same tenant. Your interest is perked. You get the unit numbers & take a mental note....either hoarders or they've got some bucks.

The first of the 2 units is filled with furniture. There's a top bidder who has his eye on this unit. Turns out he researched the tenants ahead of time & knew it would be a quality unit. You're not going to get this one. No sweat, you aren't really interested in hauling all the furniture anyway.

The second unit in the pair is up next. Door rolls open and you're lost in a sea of boxes. You want this one, but you figure the heavy hitter will want both units. Lucky for you, some mattresses are visible and the guy mutters something about bed bugs and falls to the back of the crowd. You're able to pick up the unit for $1,500. A bit pricey but you know you can make money. What you don't know is that this unit will net you $45,000.

Montana Unit

Scott from Montana was the lucky bidder. Hear what was in the unit & what he's been selling things for

Then come back for a word from our Pros. 

Rebecca Fox
Storage Hero Rebecca Fox ~ Rebecca is as sweet and bubbly as they come, but we all have our boundaries. One very important boundary for storage auction hunters is dealing with former tenants....
 The Redneck Picker The Redneck Picker ~ When you're at a garage sale, do you peruse the self made aisles on the driveway? Or do you get down and dirty & start digging through boxes? Here's why you want to dig.
 WorthPoint WorthPoint "Worthologist" ~ As a buyer you never stop learning. There's too much stuff in the world to know it all! But what about old board games? If you find these in a storage unit they are not to be overlooked! 
 Mr. Resale Mr. Resale ~ Does garage sale hopping ever seem like too much work? Do you get information overload & give up. Well here's some tips so you can become a master hopper.
Curt Strutz
Curt Strutz ~ If you're interested in buying and reselling, then you better be a young eager beaver or an old dog that's willing to learn new tricks. Because just when you think you know it all....

You're gaining knowledge that unlocks profits. Find an auction today to see these tips in action!

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