To Judge Or Not To Judge

Those of you that have been around me for awhile know that I tend to get a little "deep" about storage auctions. Maybe too deep....but it really is a fascinating biz. The door rolls open, and whether it's once-expensive antiques or a pile o' junk, you're staring at someone's life.

Who are they & what did their life look like? What did they do on the weekends? Why did they have a storage unit? What the heck caused them to stop paying their storage unit rent? We dipped our toe into these waters when we talked about "The Psychology of Storage." But today let's take it a little farther. 

Regardless of what you think of stereotypes, gathering clues then making logical conclusions based on those clues, is a crucial part of the storage auction biz (or any type of buying & selling).


So don't judge me for judging...and let's go talk about stereotypes & storage auctions :)

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