Protect Yourself From "That Guy"

I love hearing from our members. Gloating over profitable flips & ranting about obnoxious bidders...I hear it all :) So today I'm turning your rants into productive tips.

How to not "be that guy"....

#1 Drinks & Candy. Many storage facilities offer water, coffee, or candy to their tenants. Technically if you get a unit you're a paying customer, but staying on the manager's good side is key. Is a Wether's Original really worth the risk?

#2 Temper Tantrums. If you bring your little ones be courteous. You don't want the auction grouch bidding you up because your baby's crying.

#3 Respect the Rules. Park where you're supposed to. Throw trash in trash cans. Etc. Etc. Act like you're on a first date :)

Just as importantly...

Learn how to protect yourself from "that guy." You won't believe how shady this story is!

empty storage unit

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