Check Everything & Everywhere!

Gold, silver, gift cards, and dinero are often buried in random places in storage units. It pays to check everything! We're going to talk about some unusual hidings places you'll want to check (and share some stories), but first...

...Congrats to J Franciscotty, Randy Benkowich, and Patti Crux who each pocketed $100 for filling out our survey on online auctions.

Now as far as those unusual hiding places go, let's start with "Storage Hero" Rebecca Fox. This queen of buried treasure recommends checking...

#1 Cigar Boxes.  She's found platinum rings in them.


#2 Pant Leg Cuffs.  Totally random if you ask me, but Fox found a $180 gift card in a cuff.

#3 Greeting Cards.  Check every piece of mail, it's quite common to find cashola in cards.

#4 Bibles.  Yep, she's found cashola here too. Good hiding place!

#5 Pant pockets.  Fox's best pant-pocket-find was a pair of diamond studs.

#6 Purse pockets.  Check all of them! Fox has found rings (some real gold) at least ten times.

Purse Pocket

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