It Doesn't Take a Suit & Tie

I've been writing to y'all every week for a year now & two common threads seem to run through just about every email....networking & branching out beyond storage auctions. But what does that mean? Mingling at a cocktail mixer with other pickers in a suit & tie? And where & how do you branch out? Well your fellow member Jason Overman contacted me with his story that drives home exactly what I've been trying to say. 

Swap Meet

Jason frequents his local swap meet in Hawaii, where he met a lady who's been selling there for ages. She's dialed in. Jason mentioned he had some old military uniforms and she offered to sell them. But Jason GAVE her the uniforms & just asked she consider him for future business.

Talk about brownie points. She sold them within two hours and sent him a text. She made $106 and boy did it make her day. That money paid a bill she didn't know how she was going to pay. 

And Jason might be a bit of a softy, but he was also playing his cards he has a strong relationship with someone with a space. If he wants to sell something here or there he doesn't have to go through the expense or hassle of renting a space. His new found friend can sell the items for him for a share of the profits. 

Oh, and by the way, Jason did his rounds before leaving the swap meet. Some Hanafudu Japanese playing cards caught his attention. He picked them up for a buck, and looks like he'll make at least $100 on them. A good eye & maybe a bit of karma? 

Jason's advice? Build a network, build relationships, be generous even if the only benefit is that you make someone's day, think outside the box, and always have your eyes open & your ear to the ground. 

See how easy it is to network! Just start talking to people. Look for ways to help each other. It's that easy! It's not about small talk in a suit & tie at a local networking mixer. All you have to do is get out there & start chatting.