Top 10 Things to Know

You love all the storage auction reality shows & watch even the reruns religiously. Well now it's time to get out to the auctions! But first we'll help you master the storage auction basics. 

1. What to Bring ~ The necessities are a valid id, money, a flashlight, and padlocks. The sky's the limit from there. A hat & sunscreen are a must for me. And water & snacks. If you plan to bid you'll want tools to #1 inventory your unit (like gloves & a box cutter) #2 empty your unit (a vehicle, someone to help, ropes etc) and #3 to clean your unit (garbage bags & a broom). You'll need to empty the contents to get your cleaning deposit back, but a quick sweep will go a long way with the facility manager.

2. Resale Licenses ~ Facilities are required to collect sales tax on units sold at auction but lucky for you, many facilities don't know this. Be sure to find out whether it's collected so you can adjust your bid. And you still have options even if the facility collects tax. With a resale license (issued by your state) you don't pay sales tax when you win units, only when you resell the stuff inside.

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What to bring on auction day

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Remember, knowledge unlocks profits. But you also have to act. Get out to those auctions!

P.S. Thank you for reading each week!