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So you’ve been watching shows about storage auctions for a while now and are probably thinking of getting into the action. If you are, keep the following in mind:

Fact #1: Going to your first auction can be intimidating, but equipped with tools and resources from Storage Treasures it doesn’t have to be.

Fact #2: Auction hunting can be tough for a first timer, but you can avoid rookie mistakes by diving into our vast library of auction hunting tips from industry experts.

Fact #3: Storage Treasures is here to make it easier for you
and to give you the best chance of being a successful, money making auction hunter.

If you have been waiting to jump in and attend your first storage auction, you’ll want to be equipped with three of the best resources on our site.  First, our hallowed Buyer’s Bible is a great tool for beginners and seasoned auction hunters alike.  Second, our Guide to What Happens on Auction Day is a good piece to help get you ready for your first auction.  Lastly, our 7 Keys to Storage Auction Success is something you can come back to again and again as you learn the ropes.

Study up and if you need to, print them out and take them with you on auction day.  You’ll be glad you did when you win your first storage unit!


Buyer’s Bible: This is one of the best resources on the site.  Check it out if you want to quickly move from beginner status to being able to hold your own on auction day.

Guide to What Happens on Auction Day: Experienced bidders can spot a rookie from a mile away.  You have to understand how auctions work and know your way around so you can avoid newbie treatment.

7 Keys to Self Storage Auction Success: These general principles, if followed, will drastically improve your ability to become a successful auction hunter.  Experienced, successful, wealthy auction hunters operate with these keys in mind.

Happy Auction Hunting,
The Storage Treasures Team


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