A Typical Unit

We all love hearing about the WOW units. But the truth is the typical unit isn't going to yield tens of thousands. That happens but it's rare. But that doesn't mean you won't unearth treasures in the typical unit...it's just less obvious they are treasures. In fact, you might think the most valuable items in the unit are just trash

Let me explain with a story from Nancy, your fellow Storage Treasures member. Nancy has wanted to get into the biz to make some extra dough. She partnered up with an unlikely suspect...her 14 year old grandson Mikey (who has quite the entrepreneurial spirit!).

Nancy and Mikey
On their first day of auctions they picked up 2 lockers for $30 total. They may quadruple their $30 investment with a few items they thought were trash!

These ticket stubs from the 70's & 80's may bring between $30-$70 on eBay.

Ticket Stubs

That's not all there was! Click here to see what other treasures can easily be mistaken as trash!

And learn how to prepare for your first locker.

P.S. Tell me about your recent buys!