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I'm keeping it short & sweet this week.

#1 Be sure to soak up last week's blog...lots of reselling success stories.

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And now our Pros...  

 Box Flipper Box Flipper ~ You've probably heard about our Video Training. But you might not know just how much money you can make with a single idea from the training. You can't afford NOT to find out. 
Storage Hero Rebecca Fox
"Storage Hero" Rebecca Fox ~ Imagine a storage unit filled with records. Then add Rebecca & Brian to the mix. Need I say more? See pics of this unbelievable storage locker.
 Quart Paper Shredder Quart "Paper Shredder" ~ So Quart & I have a storage auction pen pal, our buddy Gerald from Spokane. Hear all the little tricks Gerald uses to maximize every dollar from a storage locker.
 Curt Strutz Curt Strutz ~ With storage auctions, you never quite know which auctions are going to be the best ones. The more you attend, the better you're looking. That was Curt's calculation...hear what happened. 

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