Gossip versus The Straight Scoop

Just when we thought there couldn't be any more buzz about storage auctions, Dave Hester files a lawsuit against the Storage Wars network and producers, claiming he's been fired & for the wrong reasons. I've been purposefully avoiding the topic, but it's clear many of you have lingering questions or doubts. While I certainly don't have all the answers, I'm happy to share what I know...which by the way only relates to the California show.

Curious what I know & how I know it? I've been at many filmings ever since the show began. Here I am at a filming (see the walkie talkie on the producer & the boom in the background?)...


I know all the cast members & have been to their swap meet booths, their stores, their auctions, and even some of their houses. I know a lot of the production staff. And I've been involved in the management of several self storage facilities for about 6 years, so I know how facilities are run & I geek out on the self storage lien laws.

So let's get to it....First, all the auctions you see on Storage Wars are REAL storage auctions...

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