Preparation = $$$$

Arriving prepared on auction day does more than prevent a headache. It also prevents you from wasting money and precious time. To top it off, being prepared can actually make you money ... and we'll tell you how. Whether you're a seasoned storage auction vet or a newbie, these tips for what to bring on auction day will come in handy.

#1  The Basics.  Make sure you have some money on hand, a valid ID, and if you have one, don't forget your resale license.

#2  Snooping Devices.  Bring a flashlight to scan the unit before bidding starts. If you really want to be prepared, bring a backup and extra batteries. And to have a step up on the other bidders, one StorageTreasures member recommends bringing a step stool to have a clearer view of the unit while everyone else bobs around to sneak a peek. With these simple tools you might bid on a profitable unit you otherwise would have passed on.


#3  Locks, locks, and more locks.  If you win a unit you need a lock to put on it so you don't have to sit out the rest of the auction to stand guard. If you forget a lock you can usually get one from the storage facility or another bidder, but it'll be at a premium. Have a few extra locks on hand so you can be the one selling them for a quick profit. Really want to be on top of it? Then heed the advice of Storage Heroes and bring a variety of lock types because different units may require specific locks.


#4  Inventory Tools.  First, arm yourself with gloves. Then as you begin to dig into your unit, you'll want a box cutter to break through tape or zip ties. Some storage pros even suggest bringing a screwdriver, hammer, a jewelers loop, and a magnet to identify iron (precious metals don't contain iron). Then as you unveil your finds, you'll want something to take notes on and a camera to remind yourself of certain items or to get a jumpstart advertising items online if you aren't emptying the unit that day.

#5  Loading Necessities.  The proper vehicle is a must, but don't forget a dolly, blankets, tarps, ropes, bungies, bubble wrap, boxes, duct tape, and garbage bags. And if you have a very large friend, bring them too!

#6  Clean Up.  When you win a unit you'll pay a refundable cleaning deposit. So a broom, dust pan, paper towels and some rags will come in handy to get your money back and keep you in the manager's good graces. And every buyer will tell you to bring antibacterial lotion for yourself. If you really want to cover your bases, it's not a bad idea to keep a First Aid kit in your truck too.

Preparing You For Auction Day,
Your Storage Treasures Crew

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