You’ve won and paid for your storage auction unit and it is loaded with dust covered boxes that apparently have not been opened in some time. You remove all the boxes, taking them to your garage at home and begin to open them discovering that you have purchased someone's lifetime correspondence with the IRS dating back decades. Not only do you have copies of their tax filings, but you have box after box of receipts backing up those filings. You have receipts for just about everything for the last 40 years. Great! Now what?

These items have no value to you as the new owner and you should return them to the manager of the storage facility. The storage facility will attempt to return them to the rightful owner.

This goes for anything of personal value. Including: photographs, home videos/DVD's, diplomas, yearbooks, military decorations or medals and passports. Documents with personal information such as social security numbers, credit/debit card information, bank accounts, or medical/legal records should be returned as well.

If possible, it is advisable to do a fast survey of the unit contents at the storage facility before moving them out. If you discover a major collection of personal papers, it is far easier to turn them over to the storage manager at that time rather than having to move them twice.


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