Over the past three decades the storage business has grown exponentially. Today self storage is an important tool used by both individuals and businesses. It may seem like storage facilities appear on every other corner. We have become a culture of collectors, and despite economic challenges, American consumers have amassed an enormous array of goods given the overall rise in disposable income for just about every level of the economic strata.

For a variety of reasons, both individuals and businesses sometimes abandon storage, either due to neglect or intent, or perhaps changes in their financial situation. Storage facilities do not want to auction storage units. Facilities are not in the business of auctioning abandoned units. They are in the business of renting space. However, a storage auction may be necessary as the last resort to dispose of abandoned property. Storage Treasures seeks to provide an ideal model within the storage industry setting for ethical, professional, and fair practices when it comes to the last resort, the storage auction.

While storage auctions are regulated by state storage auction laws, compliance with such laws often produces undesirable results. Is a tenant likely to receive notice of their unit being auctioned when the auction is only published in obscure local newspapers? Is this tenant likely to receive anything close to a fair price for their unit when the auction is only attended by a small group of professional buyers?

The storage auction can be fraught with alarm. Storage Treasures will change that pattern by standardizing and improving storage industry auction procedures and educating and involving the public in these exciting unit auctions. When a storage facility is forced to hold an auction, the results can be dramatic. For some, it is nothing short of a treasure hunt, and the sky is the limit. Storage Treasures will take you.

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OpenTech Unveils New StorageTreasures.com Website

PHOENIX, ARIZONA – August 2nd, 2016 – Today, OpenTech Alliance Inc., announced the rollout of a redesigned platform for the StorageTreasures website. The redesign enhances the user experience offering better support for the 7,500 plus storage facility clients who have made StorageTreasures their first choice for online and onsite storage auction services in the United States and Canada. The new site, which provides a more dynamic bidding experience for over 900,000 registered members, is showcased at www.StorageTreasures.com.