OpenTech Aims for 1 Million Registered Bidders on


Dec. 19th, 2016, Phoenix, Arizona

OpenTech Alliance, Inc., a leading self-storage technology company, announced it is making a major investment to grow the user community to over 1 Million registered bidders. is the largest on-site and online storage auction platform in the world with a current base of 843,000 registered bidders. 


“While offers self-storage operators a simple and cost effective way to market their storage unit auctions, we realize that is not all about the storage operator.  In 2017 we are bringing professional auction buyers into the fold as well, so we are beefing up our bidder training.  We know that well educated bidders make for a smooth transaction for storage managers. So we are investing in several areas to bring the best buyer community to the door step of our self-storage customers”, stated Chelsea Horne, Product Owner.  


The OpenTech buyer initiatives include:

  • Free Buyer Education – As thousands of new buyers join the platform, they will be provided all the education they need to understand the storage auction process and be successful, including:

    • Training video series

    • Webinars

    • E-books

    • Tips and Hints emails

    • Personal assistance via the member services department


  • Buyer Community Advocate – OpenTech has hired a dedicated relationship manager to proactively grow the buyer community and ensure their voice is heard.


  • Auction Buyer Council – It is hard to hear when 1 Million people are speaking at once so OpenTech is forming a small group of buyers that will meet each year in AZ to share ideas and thoughts on how to make the storage auction buying process better for all buyers.


  • Auction Buyer Blog – A blog is being launched on the site to provide a lively forum for buyers to express their views, share tips and hints with other buyers, tell stories about their buying adventures, and post photos of their most interesting purchases, and much more.


  • New Pro Membership Program – Many people that buy storage auctions, do it as a business. It those business owners that make the best buyers.  Pros understand the process, know what they are looking for, and follow thru when they win.  The Pro Membership program was designed for this group of business owners. It includes:

    • Discounted buyer commissions

    • Exclusive buyer support hotline

    • Unlimited access to Live auction postings

    • Qualification to join the Auction Buyer Council


  • TV Commercial – OpenTech postponed the launch of the TV commercial while the country was debating who should be the next President of the United States. The commercial is now planned for Q1 of 2017 and projected to be seen by millions of viewers.


At, self-storage managers can sign up for free and start posting auctions that day or call 480.397.6503.  


  Customer Support: (480) 397-6503

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