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      For a growing number of auction hunters, bidding online for storage units is a preferred method of auction hunting. Maybe someone lives too remote to drive out and see enough auctions to make it worthwhile, or maybe someone else wants to be able to bid on a greater number of units and buy volume without spending any gas money. For whatever the reason, online storage auctions are the future, and StorageTreasures.com wants to provide you with all the options.

      Save time. Save gas money. Cover more storage auctions by bidding online. You can be bidding on storage units over the internet in just a few minutes, and all you need to know to get started is here.

    • Bid in Person

      Ever since Storage Wars, storage auctions have been all the rage. And they go down much like you see on tv, but there’s more to it & we’ll show you the ropes. Like how to find storage auctions, what to bring on auction day, and why you shouldn’t freak out if they don’t cut the lock in front of you like you see on Storage Wars.

      Much of the rest of the legwork we do for you. We call to confirm the storage auctions are still a go. We’ll post how many units are up for auction and whether your local self storage facility charges a buyer’s premium. You get the picture, we’re here for you each step of the way!

    • Hunt. Buy. Sell. Profit.

      Our job at StorageTreasures.com is to enable you to Hunt, Buy, Sell, and Profit on everything from storage auctions to unclaimed luggage auctions, and from garage sales to estate sales. In this business, there are many ways to pick up items for resale, and even more ways to sell them. The key is to find your source for inventory, and get connected with interested buyers and brokers who can help you move that inventory...over and over again.

      Buying and selling for profit is about more than finding storage auctions. We bring you tools like our Treasure Chest, online storage auctions, estate sale search and professional training. It's all here waiting for you to Hunt, Buy, Sell, and Profit.

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      Advertise your storage auctions, or host your online storage auctions, on the largest self storage auction site on the Internet. With over 600,000 members, StorageTreasures.com gives you the reach you need to ensure your auction day is a success.

      Whether your storage facility is in a big city or a farming town, we've got thousands of members looking for your local self storage auctions. Storage auction hunters use StorageTreasures.com to find storage auctions in Chicago, Illinois and storage auctions in Wyoming. Wherever you are, we've got you covered.

    • Run Your Next Storage Auction Online

      For some storage facility managers, auction day can be a ton of work. Managing a storage auction crowd post Storage Wars, makes auction day something they would rather avoid altogether.

      This is where online storage auctions come in handy. With a few clicks your self storage facility can post an online auction date, receive bids, and sell a unit to the highest bidder online. No crowds. No hassle. Painless storage auctions.

    • Charity Storage ~ Space Picker ~ Legal Notice Locator

      StorageTreasures.com is proud to be an innovator in the self storage industry. And this goes waybeyond online storage auctions. For starters, we were proud to found Charity Storage , which uses existing storage industry auction processes to raise money for charities nationwide.

      We’ve also created Space Picker, the first true self storage aggregator, so renters can find storage facilities and storage facilities can find renters, without increasing the cost to either party.

      Last but not least, we encourage self storage lien law reform, so the storage industry can rid itself of expensive storage auction public notices. We’ve created Legal Notice Locator because online public noticing is on the horizon.

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      The benefits of advertising your storage auctions on StorageTreasures.com go way beyond getting new bidders to your local self storage facilities. For starters, we’re an industry approved storage auction service, so you know you’ll be protecting the local storage facilities you serve.

      You can also advertise the rest of your auctions & sales. Our bidders don’t just buy storage units, they’ll buy anything they can turn a profit on! They buy everywhere from yard sales & estate sales to swap meets. But we didn’t stop there, we figured you’d want a fun and interactive way to promote yourself and your business, so we created an extra snazzy profile just for you and gave you the ability to sync your listings with your own website. So join us already!

    • Access the World’s Largest Group of Storage Auction Hunters

      We've worked hard to gather the world's largest audience of storage auction hunters. Now you only need to post your auctions in one place! These storage auction buyers are also active in everything from estate sales and auction houses to equipment auctions and auto auctions. So, if you're looking to find a great group of treasure hunters you've come to the right place. Promote your sales, your brand, your website, your social pages, and even your pretty mug. Did we mention it’s free?!!

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    Cumming, GA
    storage Unit 10x15 Time Left:
  • Unit 2 in sale Space Shop Self...
    Cumming, GA
    storage Unit 7x10 Time Left:
  • Unit 3 in sale Columbia Self S...
    Pen Argyl, PA
    storage Unit 10x20 Time Left:
  • Unit 4 in sale American Self S...
    Lancaster, SC
    storage Unit 5x10 Time Left:
  • Unit 5 in sale American Self S...
    Lancaster, SC
    storage Unit 5x10 Time Left:
  • Unit 6 in sale American Self S...
    Lancaster, SC
    storage Unit 10x10 Time Left:
  • Unit 7 in sale American Self S...
    Lancaster, SC
    storage Unit 10x10 Time Left:
  • Unit 8 in sale Storage R-Us
    Columbia, SC
    storage Unit 10x15 Time Left:
  • Unit 9 in sale CubeSmart
    storage Unit 10x25 Time Left:
  • Unit 10 in sale Simply – Broo...
    Chamblee, GA
    storage Unit 10x10 Time Left:

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