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To make serious money buying and selling items from storage auctions, yard sales and estate sales, you'll need every advantage you can get. After months of planning with professional auction hunters, members and staff, we have designed the Pro Membership package to give you that advantage and get you on the path to making part or full-time income buying and selling.

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Unlimited Auction Listings: You'll be allowed to view more auction listings than your competition and with our advanced search features you'll be have better, more detailed knowledge about those auctions.

Discounted Online Auction Premiums: Keeping costs down is important for any business, and we'll help you do that with lower buyer's premiums (coming soon) when you buy storage auction units online.

Discounted Pro Training Videos & Ebooks: Learn how to buy and sell for profit from the biggest names in storage auctions, Ebay businesses, yard sales and estate.

Unlock the Treasure Chest: Show the world what you have to sell using your Treasure Chest. With a Pro Membership you'll be able to show unlimited items and advertise them all on your favorite social media sites. Also, since everyone knows that pictures are the key to selling items online, Pro Membership account holders can post up to 20 pictures for any item in their Treasure Chest. If you are on the hunt to buy a particular item, simply add it to your "Want List" and let find it in another member's treasure chest.

...And more...Tons more.


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OpenTech Unveils New Website

PHOENIX, ARIZONA – August 2nd, 2016 – Today, OpenTech Alliance Inc., announced the rollout of a redesigned platform for the StorageTreasures website. The redesign enhances the user experience offering better support for the 7,500 plus storage facility clients who have made StorageTreasures their first choice for online and onsite storage auction services in the United States and Canada. The new site, which provides a more dynamic bidding experience for over 900,000 registered members, is showcased at